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Why Green Horizons Travel and Tours Int'l (BHT)?

Green Horizons Travel and Tours Int’l (BHT) is all about helping you explore the entire global world. We are committed to increasing global awareness of any place in the world as a travel destination. Our dedication to this cause has paid off immensely. Since we were founded over time in memorial, we have assisted more than thousands of tourists and business people in their travel throughout. Won't you let us serve you next?

Green Horizons Travel and Tours Int’l (BHT) prides itself on being the world's top prearranged package tour specialist for visitors to any place in the world. We offer traditional English-speaking tours and free-plan package plans to major tourist destinations within none English speaking countries. Our free-plan packages are especially a treat, offering accommodation and transportation to popular destinations within any place in the world for often cheaper than the list price of the transportation itself. We also take reservations from groups and individuals for private chartered versions of our tours.

Travel Experience

The substantial volume of travel generated through Green Horizons Travel and Tours Int’l (BHT) provides us with the ability to negotiate the most competitive price for you, whether it's for airfares, cruises, coach travel, holiday packages, hotel accommodation, securing visa, travel insurance or any large or small item that is so important in making your travel experience, even more enjoyable. It ensures you are getting the best value for the money you spend on your travel arrangements with Green Horizons Travel and Tours Int’l (BHT).

Green Horizons Travel and Tours Int’l (BHT)

Our travel agency is managed by the person who owns the agency, it means we have a personal interest in providing quality customer service and making sure your travel experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. Our office is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss in comfort all aspects of your travel arrangements with our consultants, whether it is a substantial overseas holiday or a tour. Take the opportunity to speak to any one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants.